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The Beauty Senses Touch

Natural Face Therapy                                          1 Hour            IDR 800.000/person

A refreshing, organic and all natural fresh product daily basis maintenance  include with face cleansing, face scrub, face massage, face masker to make smoothes, fresh and lighters the skin


Natural Nail Therapy

The ultimate treatment for your hands and feet, this treatment features a customized scrub, massage, and masker, nail cutting, shaping, buffing, and cuticle treatment and polish application that will leave your hands and feet softer, brighter and younger looking 

  • Royal Customized Manicure        1 Hour                         IDR 750.000/person
  • Royal Customized Pedicure         1 Hour                         IDR 850.000/person
  • French Deluxe Manicure              1.5 Hour                      IDR 900.000/person
  • French Deluxe Pedicure               1.5 Hour                      IDR 950.000/person
  • The Nail Traditional Art                10 Fingers                  IDR 650.000/person


Natural Scalp Hair Therapy

The Hair Cream bath                              1.5 Hour                      IDR 650.000/person 


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